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Zookt.com is operated by Zookt LLC.  Launched in 2012, Zookt is a revolutionary one of a kind Rewards site that combines its own casual games with shopping to offer you a fun way to get great product deals while playing your favorite game. 

Zookt turns plain rewards based shopping into an exciting and thrilling entertaining experience.  Our team strives to give youyour friends and family a great and rewarding online experience. 



Our philosophy is very simple:

  • We are here because of You
  • We treat You the same way we want to be treated
  • No Gimmicks in small unreadable text hidden somewhere in an obscure section of the website:  There are no hidden fees, checkout fees, processing fees, “Invented” fees, etc…
  • We are far from perfect so let us know what we can do better
What is Zookt?
  • Zookt is about choice - You can chose to continue building your points towards getting your item or, just playing for it, or a combination of both.
  • Zookt is about selection - You have access to thousands of products.
  • Zookt is a social experience - You play against other people, and can share your experience with friends and followers
  • Zookt is exciting - You get to build your Reward points while having fun playing Our games (earning reward points does not have to be only about completing third party surveys or playing affiliate games)



Why are we different?

  • Unlike other Reward sites, Zookt...
    • has its own games that you can play to earn more points to get or win products
    • Allows you to choose the prize you want now, from literally thousands of products. You do not have to be limited especially after you invested your time earning your points!
    • Offers eGift Cards that you can use to complement your earned points to get your item instantly without waiting anymore
  • Unlike other gaming or auction sites, Zookt…
    • Adds a new dimension by letting people know the odds, know the competition and know what they’re playing for
    • Adds a fun prize in the product you choose to play for and compete to win
    • Allows you to choose games you like and based on your feedback, we will keep on adding new games
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