Zookt is a unique site where you get to Play Bingo to Win Prizes .

You can choose from Over 300,000 products; our catalog is include Gift cards, Home & Garden, Electronics, Baby and Toys, Software, Jewelry, Office Products, Hardware and Tools, etc...

You can select the exact product you want and play Bingo to win Prizes or you can play Bingo for Zooks. Zooks are our virtual currency that you can buy, earn or a combination of both. Zookt lets you control your decision on how much to invest or to just play Bingo for Free.

If you are impatient and want your item quickly, you might decide to buy Zooks and get going on winning it. If you don’t mind waiting a bit, then you might want to earn Zooks free and Play Bingo for Free. Or, like most people, you can choose to buy some Zooks and earn some Zooks to Play Bingo to win your item.

Now it’s time for you to get familiar with Zookt Bingo by reading the rules below and start having some fun!



  • We have taken Zookt Bingo and given it a Zookt twist!
  • The objective is to match and mark on your card the unique pattern per player that is displayed and call Zookt Bingo at the right time.
  • Everyone is familiar with the classic rules, but we have made some slight modifications to ensure that each game has only one winner. After all, you don’t want to share your prize with anyone else!


  • Every player gets one card.
  • The large button at the top of the screen is what you click in order to call Zookt Bingo.
  • In the top right corner you will see the three leading players during the game, and the number of balls they still need in order to call Zookt Bingo.
  • Before the start of the game, a unique pattern to match will randomly be assigned to each player, which is shown in the top left corner. This is the pattern you have to match and mark on your card in order to win. This will ensure one winner per game.
  • Here’s where things get a bit different:
    • If you call bingo without matching the pattern exactly, you automatically lose the game.
    • If you wait until after the next ball has been pulled to call bingo, you automatically lose the game.
    • When you match the pattern of the game, you must call bingo immediately, before the next ball is drawn. If you call it too late, you automatically lose the game.
  • Be certain your pattern is correctly matched and marked on your card before you call Zookt Bingo.

Good luck!