How Zookt works

1. Sign Up to get started!

You can also sign up using Facebook, Google.


2. Get Zooks

  • Earn Zooks: click here to learn all the different ways you can  earn Zooks.


  • Buy Zooks


3. Find your item

Once you choose the item you want, you have 2 options:

  • Play for it: Use your Zooks to play one of our thrilling games and if you win, your item will be shipped to you with no additional fees.
  • Get it: Redeem your Zooks for your item and we will ship it to you with no additional fees.

4. If you chose to play, you will join the game lobby.

  • The game will automatically start once the lobby is full.
  • You can leave the lobby at any time before it's full. You will then be credited your Zooks.


5. Have fun playing your game.


6. If you win, we will ship you the product right away!


7. If you do not win, you have the following 3 options:

  • Play for it Again: Play another game to try and win it.
  • Get it: If you don't win, Zooks that you spend will be deducted if you chose to Get it.
  • I’m done playing: Quit playing for your item